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Who we are

Our high-performance team consists of experienced machine learning engineers, project managers, business analysts and technical consultants who excel in building the most advanced products and create the most unique user experiences. We have more than 3 decades of experience in the field and we guarantee that you will get what you wanted in the shortest time possible and with the highest quality in the market. Our motivation is to provide the most efficient self-service journey for users and at the same time accelerate business growth with our digital transformation. At Superbo, we are passionate about developing AI interfaces that makes everyone’s lives better.

What sets us apart from the others

At Superbo we envision a better and smarter future with more natural interactions between humans and machines

A user-centered
omni-channel approach

A top-notch product
with an open platform

A unique success story
of customized digital transformation

Mission and Why

Superbo’s mission is to offer advanced cx-centric technologies and solutions that are heavily focused on the customer journey. We build technologies (e.g. Voicebots, Chatbots) that act asbroker between the end user and the clients’ brand and create stickiness by addressing each customer’s needs, making them feel valued, while offering a smooth and seamless conversational journey. Superbo is not just about tech as a sterile positioning, Superbo is about putting our product to the shoes of the end user. And this is how we do it: our vision is to engage the end user of today’s world with our next-generation technology and establish a relationship of trust and respect towards each client’s brand or product.

Hybrid experiences

Our Omni-Channel AI self-services are always available for the end-user: any time, anyplace and in any device

Superbo’s AI conversational platform operates simultaneously with either speech or text across multiple devices or channels, such as IVR, web, mobile, messaging and social media.The dialogues are generated in real-time for each individual user, to create unsurpassed predictive and interactive customer experiences.The product architecture is compatiblewith 110 different languages, a range of different technologies (NLU, Voice or Physical Biometrics, Fraud Detection etc.) and providers (ASR, TTS, Analytics, IVR platforms, CRM
etc.) and the AI conversational platform can be independently configured and customized by each client.

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